Step One....check.

I don't think I can explain just how satisfying to say our website is complete!  After starting the 'CVB Journey' this past May, it certainly has proved to be an amazingly interesting experience.  Within my first few days, I had a long list of To-Do's, including completion of a website, creating new travel guides, learning the do's and don'ts of tourism, attending EVERY meeting scheduled in Upshur County, helping coordinate the Main Street Arts Festival, working on two grants, and determining goals for this new organization.  It might sound like a complaint, but I can honestly say every To-Do was written on my list out of eagerness and love for Upshur County. 

And thankfully, after quite a few months of meeting, researching, phone calls, and emails, the Upshur County CVB has physical evidence of our accomplishments with our new website, a new Upshur County Travel Guide, advertisements circulating in magazines, and articles recognizing the various businesses and attractions of our area. 

But this is only the beginning of an ongoing project.  My To-Do list has grown, and we have exciting vision for our community.  Keep checking back, and you'll see more being added to this website with photos, videos and travel ideas!